Leather Apron Theatre Co.

Louisiana's premier spot for improv comedy and experimental theatre

LATco offers a 3 level long-form improvisation PROGRAM

Classes are currently held in Baton Rouge, LA


Classes are designed for both individual growth and the development of group mind through the principles of LATCo's style of play.  Each 8-week level will focus on a different aspect of ensemble improvisation.

Classes are broken into the following levels:

Level 1 - The Basics: The barebones beginner's basics.

  • This class is the foundation of our curriculum and introduces you to LATCo's style and approach to improvisation.
  • You will learn to play from the gut and follow the fun.

Level 2 - The Scene: Two person scenes. The building blocks of any long-form show.

  • Basic two person scene work.
  • Playing the dynamic, not the plot.  
  • Developing characters through emotional point of view.
  • Identifying strengths, and working on expanding range.

Level 3 - The Piece: The elements of play necessary to make a long-form show successful.

  • Develop the skills to maneuver a piece on a show by show basis.
  • Working collaboratively within a group of performers.
  • Recognizing and understanding exploration, connections, expansion within the piece.

Each class will run for 8 weeks and will be limited to 10 students.

Class levels must be taken in order; i.e., Level 1 must be taken before a student can take Level 2. 

Cost per 8-week session is $250, and is non-refundable after registration is complete.